Projects in Production

These are the projects that are in an active state of production, though the meaning of that can vary widely.

  • WalkBlacksburg – One of our first projects, it was done in coordination with the Blacksburg Police Department to help show safer walking routes through town by combining a variety of datasets.
    • Status – In production as a website and Android App, but hasn’t been updated since fall 2015 and has limited exposure and use at this point
  • Click That Hood – A project from the national Code for America organization, we contributed neighborhood data for Blacksburg.
    • Status – Website is hosted and managed by Code for America

Projects in Development

  • NRV Park Finder – Our current project to develop a database and website of all the public parks in the NRV that is searchable by location and amenity.
  • Child care facility finder – The current options for finding childcare facilities provide a terrible user experience. We’re partnering with local organizations to develop a website that’s more user friendly and comprehensive.

Project Ideas

  • Offer Montgomery County dog tags online – In Montgomery County you are required to purchase an annual tag if you own a dog. This currently requires you to fill out a printed PDF and mail it with a check or money order to the county, or go in person to a government office. It would be beneficial to have that system and payment available online.
  • Help smaller towns update their websites – There are lots of smaller towns in the region that have limited resources to keep their web presence updated
  • WIC Website Update – The current website that provides a means of getting the nutrition education credits required to receive benefits was developed in all Flash, a deprecated technology. This prevents users from accessing the site on mobile devices, as does the current need to print out a certificate. Website should be redeveloped using HTML standards with mobile accessibility.
  • Parking in Blacksburg – Parking in downtown Blacksburg and on campus can be a struggle at times. This would be developing a website/app that provides information about parking locations and regulations. Ideally it would tie into the new parking meters in downtown to provide real-time information. It could also be used for special events such as VT football games or festivals downtown.
  • Brew Do/Fork and Cork App – The Blacksburg Partnership is a non-profit economic development group that puts on several events each year. An app would help participants navigate and enjoy the festivals more.
  • Starting a business – It can be challenging to know all of the steps you need to go through in terms of just interacting with the government to start a business. If Blacksburg and the surrounding areas want to encourage start-ups, it would be helpful to have a website dedicated to helping people navigate that process. Another Code for America group worked with the city of Long Beach, CA recently to build a portal to do just this.
  • Municipal Budget Websites – It can be hard to understand municipal budgets, but some people have put together some great open source tools to make it easier to navigate and explore them. The hard part is taking the data from what the government workers deal with (spreadsheets, monolithic budgeting applications) and translating it into data sources for these websites.

Old Projects

  • Attorney Analysis – Analysis of the disposition of criminal cases in which defendants lack representation. Was forked from OpenVA and hasn’t been touched since early 2015
  • BT Text – Worked with Blacksburg Transit to replace their text/call system for getting stop times. Code was provided to them in 2016 to deploy and is currently in production.
  • Did My District Change – Created around a potential redistricting bill in Virginia in 2015 that failed to pass. Could be revisited if redistricting occurs at some point in the future.